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Around my digital book “Yes I am: Summer Patients” from the author
I published a digital book titled “Yse I am: Summer Patients:Exit from a shut in” about two weeks ago.
As an author, I will make some notes behind the scenes.

Writing the manuscript went back three years.
When I was a school boy, my father worked for an US air base as an interpreter. There was a carnival in the summertime. It was one of the marvelous memories in my childhood. The carnival in the story refined these memories.

The story of my digital book describes an event of a young man and woman in one summer. Carnival not in the US air base, but in the wood where he and she live in nearby.

Recently, there is a social problem of a shut in. Especially in younger age, situations seem to be serious.

No matter it is even a dream, I wrote my short story how they were trying to reach an exit from their shut in.

After writing the manuscript, about three years passed. Then I came across the non-fiction book of K.Okahara titled “Ibasyo.” There were documents of five girls suffering from self-harm in the situations of a shut in. I realized my short story still may have a life.
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